Most Won’t Care, Some Will Be Inspired, Very Few Act The Same

 We live in an odd society, you’re looked at as an outsider if you eat healthily, and accepted if you’re chasing Pokemon down the street with your iphone. Instead of waking up early to work on your health, or find more ways to create income to support your family, it’s normal to sleep in and watch The Walking Dead on Netflix.

If you’re happy, I mean truly happy with your life, then I am happy for you and this blog post is not for you. If you genuinely enjoy making rainbows come out of your mouth on Snapchat or ranking up in Call of Duty, then, that’s fine, you accept that way of life and hopefully now after reading this you at least understand you’re a product of your decisions. But please don’t ever complain.

Nothing worth having ever comes easy. When things don’t go our way, too many people take the victim approach in life, but in reality, EVERYTHING that happens to us is because of something you either did or not do. Next time you put yourself in that role, ask yourself “Does someone have it worse in the world?” Trust me, things will not always go in your favor, that’s life, but don’t quit and allow yourself to get sucked back in that mediocre mindset. 

We often dream of nice things but don’t realize they are there for the taking. Work hard, wake up earlier, and believe you truly can achieve whatever your heart desires. Lucky people don’t create opportunities, it’s those who work hard who create the luck and success. Think about it, why do those who have massive amounts of success, wealth, and love have abundance. Because when the crowd is going one way, they go the other. Their mind is not focused on who will win the Bachelor, they focus on their goals, plans, and mission to succeed. 

The decision is up to you, do you want to live your life towards your dreams or be used as a resource to produce someone else’s.

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